Climate Change and Conflict Videos

About Climate Change and Conflict

1. Introduction to Climate Change and Conflict (Jim Lee Introduction Video)

2. Nature in Control (Jim Lee Discussing William Ruddiman Reading)

3. Humans in Control (Jim Lee Discussing William Ruddiman)

4. a. The Medieval Climate Optimum (Jim Lee Discussing Brian Fagan)

4. b. A Mohave Story of Climate and History in the Eastern Sierra Nevada (Jim Lee)

About Learning Online

Basics about the Course Technical Toolbox. Dreamweaver is DW, Cacoo and DIA causal diagramming packages. Videos by Livia Macias

1. Dreamweaver Basics

2. DW Links

3. DW Images

4. Creating Causal Diagrams: Cacoo

5. Creating Causal Diagrams:Dia

6. Creating Google Earth Grapics

7. Working with HTML

About Learning Online

1. Learning and Online (Jim Lee)

2. Hybrids and Discussion (jim Lee)