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ICE Case Number 204, 2017, Jim Lee

Chile-Argentina Border Dispute

I. Case Background
II. Environment Aspect
III. Conflict Aspect
IV. Env. - Conflict Overlap
V. Related Information


1. Abstract

Chile and Argentina established a Boundary Agreement in 1881. In 1978, the two countries threatened war over a border dispute.

2. Description

The dispute was actually over Picton, Lennox and Nueva islands and the related maritime jurisdiction. Argentina actually began making claims to the islands in 1904. However the two countries reached agreement in 1984 that settled outstanding issues.

3. Duration


4. Location

Continent: South America
Region: Western South America
Country: Chile

5. Actors

Argentina and Chile

II. Environment Aspects

6. Type of Environmental Problem

7. Type of Habitat


8. Act and Harm Sites:

Argentina and Chile

III. Conflict Aspects

9. Type of Conflict


The Argentine junta amplified the claims to a near dispute. As a result, Chile supported the United Kingdom against Argentina in the Falklands war of 1982.

10. Level of Conflict


11. Fatality Level of Dispute (military and civilian fatalities)

IV. Environment and Conflict Overlap

12. Environment-Conflict Link and Dynamics:

There is no doubt that these cold, snowy islands are more about navigation rights and EEZ claims, especially as climate change makes these areas more likely to see economic and strategic importance. It established limitations line in the Straits of Magellan.

13. Level of Strategic Interest


14. Outcome of Dispute:


V. Related Information and Sources

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16. Relevant Websites and Literature