This site focuses on an existing method of geo-engineering — rain-making.  Proven abilities to make rain are more than 50 years old.  There are wide differences in beliefs on effectiveness, and it is not the intention to debate that.  It does intend to catalogue events for comparison on outcomes and, more importantly, to avoid potential conflict from rain-making activities that may have international implications or the perceptions of them.

Database of Cloud Seeding Countries
Use is Rain, Hail, or Both//Extent is High, Medium, and Low based on expenditures

Country Use* Extent Notes Source
Algeria R Low France began testing in 1952 Arab Cloud
Argentina H Medium Hail suppression for southern hemisphere spring planting NCAR
Australia R High Extensive use especially during current drought period, especially in Australian Alps NCAR
Austria B Medium Cloud seeding and hail suppression NCAR
Bulgaria H Medium NCAR
Burkina Faso R Low Proposed CILSS
Brazil C Medium Extensive seasonal use NCAR
Burkina Faso C Low NCAR
Cambodia R Low Cambodia is receiving technical assistance from Thailand
Canada H Medium Hail suppression for spring crops and also storm disbursement. NCAR
Cape Verde R Low Proposed CILSS
Chad R Low Proposed CILSS
Chile C Low NCAR
China B High $100 million year, China building drone fleet.
NCAR, Wired
Cuba R Medium and rising Extensive seasonal use.  Also assisting Venezuela due to drought there. NCAR
France C Medium NCAR
Gambia R Low Proposed CILSS
Germany H Medium Hail suppression largely. NCAR
Greece B Medium NCAR
Guinea Bissau R Medium Proposed CILSS
Hungary B Medium NCAR
India R High Karnataka, Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh are leading areas.  In August 2012, the city of Mumbai paid to induce artificial rains because the Cauvery Basin Dam was low.  Antara News, September 11, 2012, “Cloud Seeding in Riau, Jambi, and Central Kalimantan to suppress haze from Forest Fires” NCAR
Indonesia R Low NCAR
Israel R Medium Israel uses cloud seeding to increase precipitation totals during rain events. NCAR
Iran R Medium Central Iran, Yazd NCAR
Iraq R Low Begin 1989 Arab Cloud
Japan R Medium NCAR
Jordan R Medium Begin 1986 Arab Cloud
Korea R Medium Has been used for fog dispersal
Libya R Low Begin 1971 NCAR, Arab Cloud
Malaysia R Low October 2012, Used in Bohol amid severe El Nino cycle. NCAR
Mali R Low Begin in 2005 CILSS
Mauritania R Low Proposed CILSS
Mexico R Medium Help from US NCAR
Morocco R Medium Begin 1983 NCAR, Arab Cloud
Niger R Medium Begin in 2005 CILSS
Pakistan R Low NCAR
Philippines R Low
Saudi Arabia R Medium Begin in 1990, used in Southwest along the disputed Yemen border. NCAR
Senegal R Low Proposed CILSS
South Africa R Medium NCAR
Spain R Medium NCAR
Russia B High Used after Chernobyl to deflect radioactive rain prior to reaching Moscow. NCAR
Syria R Low Begin in 1991 Arab Cloud
Thailand R Low Providing technical assistance to Cambodia NCAR
United Arab Emirates R High US NCAR project begins in 2000
2012, misting devices used to create localized rain in Abu Dhabi.
NCAR, Time
United States B High Begin 1946, $15 million year.  Extensively used in the west NCAR
Uzbekistan R Medium NCAR
Venezuela R Medium Help from Cuba during drought has led to US fears of dual-use. Article
Zimbabwe R Low NCAR


* Cloud seeding for precipitation: rain and snow enhancement (R), hail suppression (H), or both (B).

Note: snow enhancement is used to build snow pack and the build snow for skiing.


Arab Cloud Seeding,

Africa cloud seeding

CILSS (Committee Against Drought in West Africa)

NCAR (National center for Atmospheric Research)