Climate Change and Armed Conflict Project


Climate Change and Armed Conflict: Hot and Cold Wars, Routledge, 2009

Color maps of Climate Change and Armed Conflict
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A Brief History of Climate Change and Conflict, Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists,

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Direct Link to Paper “Cloud Seeding, Conflict, and Climate Change”

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Reference Materials

Inventory of Conflict and Environment (ICE) case studies on climate change and conflict

Climate Changes Europe’s Borders, New Scientist–and-the-worlds.html

Al Gore, “Climate and Security”, January 7, 2009

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Elements of Climate Change and Conflict

Pathways for of Climate Change and Conflict

Database of Cloud Seeding Countries

Climate Change and Conflict Blog

Facebook Page (Promotion of Academic Literature on Global Crises spurred by Climate Change):

Border Maps


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“Food Security and Climate Change”, James R. Lee, Franklin Moore, USAID, and Ilana Solomon, ActionAid, American University, October 30, 2009
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“International Rivers, Conflict, and Climate Change”, James R. Lee and Ashok Swain, Uppsala University, American University, October 3, 2009
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International Institute for Security Studies, “Forecasts and Issues of Climate Change and Conflict”, April, 2009
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Jim Lee and Philip Pattberg “Migration and Climate Change”, March 2009, American University
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Ecumenical Advocacy Days, “Climate Change, Conflict, and Africa”, January, 2009
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