ICE Case Studies
Number 235, December, 2010

Water Conflict in Yemen


Samuel Sipkin

I. Case Background
II. Environment Aspect
III. Conflict Aspect
IV. Env. - Conflict Overlap
V. Related Information



1. Abstract


2. Description

3. Duration


4. Location


5. Actors

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Water Drop II. Environment Aspects

6. Type of Environmental Problem: Climate Change

Water Scarcity

Map by BBC News

7. Type of Habitat: Dry


8. Act and Harm Sites:

Act Site Harm Site
Yemen Yemen


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Water Drop III. Conflict Aspects

9. Type of Conflict

Figure 2: Map of Conflict, Refugees and Climate

yemen water conflict

Map by Carnegie Endowment (click on map for more information)


10. Level of Conflict: Medium


11. Fatality Level of Dispute (military and civilian fatalities)

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Water Drop IV. Environment and Conflict Overlap

12. Environment-Conflict Link and Dynamics: Indirect

Figure 3: Yemen Diagram Map of Future Environmental Conflict



13. Level of Strategic Interest: Regional


14. Outcome of Dispute: In Progress

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Water Drop V. Related Information and Sources

15. Related ICE and TED Cases

Case 1. NILE Nile and Conflict , by Michele Ameri

Case 6. JORDAN Jordan River Dispute, by Lilach Grunfeld

Case 14. LITANI Litani River and Israel-Lebanon, by Angela Joy Moss

Case 53. CAUVERY Cauvery Water Dispute, by Alisa Pereria (January, 1998)

Case 56. LESWATER The Lesotho "Water Coup", by Alex Roney (November, 1997)

Case 71. BLUENILE Nile River Dispute, by Heather Hamilton

Case 98. INDOBANG India-Bangladesh Dispute on the Ganges River

Case 218. MEKONG-CHINA, The Drying of the Mekong River, by Nargiza Salidjanova


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Flag and map courtesy of the CIA World Fact Book

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[December 2010]