ICE Coding Handbook

March, 2017

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This handbook is for coding ICE cases based on 10 separate indicators, half generally about environment aspects and half about the conflict.

Category Indicator and Attributes

Indicator Attributes
1. Conflict Trigger Water, Border, Energy, Pollution, Sovereignty, Forest, Metal-mineral, Climate-weather, Animal-plant, and Military
2. Location of Conflict Continent, Region, Country
3. Dates of Conflict Start Date, End Date
4. Type of Conflict International, Civil
5. Intensity of Conflict Fatalities categorized by six category logarithmic scale
6. Environment and Conflict Link Water, Territory, Habitat Loss, Radiation, Species Loss, Resources, Deforestation, Pollution, Climate Change
7. Type of Habitat Cool, Dry, Ocean, Temperate, Tropical
8. Type of Environmental Conflict Territory, Extra-territory, Resource, Sink,
9. Scope of the Conflict and Environment Issue Global, Multilateral, Regional, Bilateral, State, and Sub-State
10. Status and Outcome of Case Complete, Ongoing